In 2018, after participating in the Gay Games in Paris (a multidisciplinary event equivalent to the Gay Olympic Games), the Argentine Football Association welcomed to the Ezeiza property, Los Dogos, the first amateur team to train in an official venue. They were supplied with training clothing, recreational and playtime, hydration, and soccer balls.

In addition to soccer, Los Dogos covers other disciplines including tennis and swimming, with a large number of participants in both sports. Currently, the squad is made up of 35 players, gay and straight, training two to three times a week on the AFA property as well as CEFFA, the property owned by Argentinos Jrs. in Lower Flores. On May 23rd, Argentina was chosen to organize the “25th IGLFA (International Gay and Lesbian Football Association) Football World Championship” 2024, and for the first time in history, it will be supported by the AFA (Argentine Football Association).

The event is scheduled for November 2024 in the City of Buenos Aires. Approximately 50 female and male soccer 11 and soccer 7 teams are expected to participate, with an estimated total of 1,000 people arriving in the country between participants and companions. To participate in this tournament, it is necessary to be a member of IGLFA, ensuring respect for diversity and fair play in the competition.